the levy park installation

The Levy Park Installation was awarded the David R. Williams award for the top Master's Project, and Core was named Outstanding Master's Graduate of the College of the Arts for her work on the installation in conjunction with the accompanying written thesis, "Architecture, Identity, and Performance 'In the Flesh' of the Lived World." The goal of the design/build project is to facilitate the performance of life taking place in Levy Park by generating a built project that activates the entire site, incites awareness by bringing about the reality to the city that this place (the underutilized park) does exist, and instill a sense of identity of the city and the self by means of exploring the local rice farming culture of Crowley, LA. Core sought a greater understanding of how architecture influences the performance of being through architectural experimentation and the mapping of humanness wherein the process - the research, design, and build - became just as important as the structure itself and the performance (the user interaction) that followed. The installation is composed of local, rough cut timber - pine and cypress, dimensioned lumber, and local seasonal vegetation and rotational crops.


The following drawings are a series of diagrammatic mappings based on a series of case studies documented via film, photography, notation and hand drawing throughout the build and after completion. 

PACE | INTEREST south-facing longitudinal section



RED LINE DIAGRAMS map the changes of the installation throughout the build based on structure, installation use, and practicality