urban Planning | i-49 connector + Découverte Park

The proposed I-49 Connector Project is a 5.5 mile, elevated six-lane highway that traverses through the urban context of Lafayette, LA (I-49 Connector). It begins south of Lafayette Regional Airport and continues north to the current southern terminus of I-49 at the I-10/I-49 interchange. The existing Evangeline Thruway is the main north-south arterial bisecting the oldest part of Lafayette. The project poses the possibility of creating a divide within the city, therefore students were asked to mitigate negative effects of the Connector via the study of important policies and documents associated with the project, master planning, and intervening at the building scale. 

Découverte (Discover•Green) Park is a diverse and energetic urban green space that celebrates the city of Lafayette and the culture of Louisiana in a mile-long stretch of recreation, art, dining, culture, health and entertainment. The park shields its visitors from the divisive I-49 Corridor with the application of a layering strategy: a densely vegetated buffer provides protection The park begins formally with The Earnest Gaines Amphitheater and Stage and The Evangeline fine dining restaurant and rooftop bar. The Miles Perret Promenade leads visitors over Johnston Street into an area of the park that focuses on family friendly recreation. Lastly, The Rodrigue Pavilion serves as a terminus to the park with exhibitions that showcase the unique culture found among the artists and artisans of Lafayette.